Private Limited Company Registration

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Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration is the most preferred form of company registration by most of the entrepreneurs in lndia. Private Limited Companies are those types of companies where minimum number of members is 2 and maximum number is 200 as per new Companies Act. 2013. A Private Limited Company has all the advantages of a Partnership firm. It has advantages of Limited Liability Partnership with greater stability and legal entity. Private Limited Companies can avail loans easily from various financial institutions like banks

Private Limited Incorporation in India is made more easy by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Earlier process of Company registration has been modified. Now the new process is much simpler and with fast track mode. Spice form is used for registration. Experts at VALS & CO. in have helped number of entrepreneurs for Private Limited Company Registration in all major cities of India. Our services are reliable and quick.

Minimum Requirement for Register a Private Limited Company

  • Members: Minimum 2 members are required
  • Capital: The minimum capital required to start the Private Limited Company is 100,000
  • DIN: For 2 members.
  • DSC: Digital Signature Certificate will be required for all directors
  • Address: Address proof like Rent agreement 1 Light Bill [or the registered address is required.
  • Indian: Minimum of 1 Director must be resident of India

Advantages of Registration of a Private Limited Company

Distinct Legal Entity

A Private Limited Company has a distinct legal identity in the eyes of law. The act of Company is different from the act of its members. Just like a natural human being it has its own identity whereby it can enter into contract on its own name, be owner of properties.

Flexibility in Share Transfer

In case of Private Limited Company it is easy to transfer interest of shares from one person to another but comparatively if we look into Proprietorship Firms and Partnership firms transferability of interest of business is difficult.

Owner of Property and Assets

As a company has its own individual identity and is different from its members, it can own various properties and assets in its own name.Be a shareholder in any other company. Even in certain cases a Body Corporate can be 99% shareholder in any Company.

Sue and can be sued

As the Company is completely a distinct identity in the eyes of law thus it has ability to sue and get sued like natural person. To sue means to initiate a legal proceeding against or to bring the proceeding in the court of law. Thus it has complete independent legal entity.

Limited Liability

The liability in case of Company is limited as compared to Partnership firms and Proprietorship firms, especially if we look at Proprietorship firms the liability of the Sole Proprietor is unlimited.

List of Documents For Incorporation of Private Limited Company

ID Proof (Directors details) & Address Proof

Passport / Voter ID / Adhar Card / Driving License

Pan Card

last Three Months Saving Bank Statement

Passport Size Photo

Light Bill

What We Offer in One Person Company Registration

Name Approval

Certificate of Incorporation


PAN Registration

TAN Registration

Digital Signature

DIN of Director

10+ Premium Legal Agreements

MSME Registration

Shop Act Registration

Private Limited Company Registration Process


Digital Signature

DSC for Directors is mandatory


DIN Application

Making online Application to opt for DIN i.e Directors Identification Number


Name Approval

Making Application for proposed name of the Company from Options given by directors


Incorporation through SPICE (Simplified Preformat for Incorporating Companies Electronically)

Making an application to MCA through newly launced online process i.e SPICE (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Companies Electronically) whereby documents like Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company is submitted online through forms INC-33 & INC-34 promoting paperless through go green concept simultaneously submitting all required documents and keeping follow up for Certificate of Incorporation and applying for PAN & TAN of the Company.


Start Business

Once Certificate of Incorporation is opted, the directors can commence its business

FAQ-Private Limited Company Registration

  • Minimum 2 Directors ( one must of Indian resident )
  • Registered address in India
  • Over all process of Company registration by ANBCA takes appx. 10 to 15 working days. The time varies on basis of approvals by MCA department.

Yes. NRI / Foreign nationals can do company registration in India. However there need to be 1 resident of India as director in Company.

Yes. OCI Card holder can be director in Company.However there need to be 1 resident of India as director in Company.

18 + years above age any person can become director in a company. Simply minors cannot become director in company. Even NRI/OCI holder can become director in company.

Yes , you can start company with family member. On later stage you can simply change share holding / directorship as needed.

Yes. Most of entrepreneurs do company incorporation on residential (Home) address. And later on as per need address can be easily changed.

No. Company documents of Certificate of Incorporation, AOA, MOA are provided by MCA in PDF format. There is no physical documents sent by MCA department.

No. GST make GST Registration mandatory if turnover crosses mandatory limit.

No. Registration of Company in India is lifetime. Hence there is no need for renewal.

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