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Software Technology Park (STPI) Compliance's

STPI scheme is for setting up of software development and IT enabled services firm in India for 100% Export. India has many reasons to feel proud about the success of its Software Industry. During the post liberalization era, Govt. policies have acted as a catalyst and facilitated the growth of IT exports. The software Industry has attained global recognition primarily because of the timing of the policies and simplistic procedures laid-down by the Govt. when they were needed. The Industry also has responded very well to the changes in the policy. As a special entity lots of compliance's applicable to STPI unit. We are STPI Compliance Consultant in Gurgaon.

Following Are Type of Legal Compliance's for STPI Units

  • Statutory Reports for STP Units
  • Statutory Compliances for STP Units
  • Day to Day Compliances
  • Approvals From STP Authorities for various activities

Statutory Reports for STP Units (Legal Compliance's for STP Units)

Monthly: Filing of monthly Performance Report (MPR). All units need to submit MPR to SPTI with in 7th of Next Month. Quarterly: Filing of Quarterly Performance Report. All units need to submit quarterly QPR to SPTI with in 7th of Next month quarter. Annual : Yearly performance report should be submitted as per the prescribed format. ( APR )

Statutory Compliance for STP Units (Legal Compliances for STPI Units)

Keeping Record of Sales Invoices. Maintenance of Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate file (FIRC) & Bank Realization Certificate (BRC) file where the original of the FIRCs and BRCs are kept. Maintenance of contract file, where copies of contracts received from buyers are maintained. Maintenances of Fixed Asset Registers.

Day to Day Compliances (Legal Compliances for STPI Units)

  • Filing and registration of Contracts/ purchase orders.
  • Stamping and certification of various invoices from time to time at the time of import as well as indigenous purchase of capital goods.
  • STPI
  • Completing various formalities for the export of Software-manual or electronic.
  • Filing of Softex Forms.
  • Filing of Monthly Progress Report, Annual Progress Report, Periodical forms, returns and statements with the STP authorities.
  • Re-imbursement of Central Sales tax from STP.
  • Advising on the maintenance of various statutory records required under the STP scheme.

Approvals From STPI Authorities for various activities (Legal Compliances for STPI Units)

  • Re-export of duty exempted Capital goods
  • Excise Duty free Purchase local equipment's/goods.
  • Import of duty free goods
  • Import of second-hand Capital goods
  • Changes /Enhancement/modification of imported Capital goods limit.
  • Change of name/ location etc. of STPI Unit.
  • De-bonding of the unit/obsolete equipment's.
  • Inter-unit transfer and temporary removal of goods for repair/testing.

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