Mandatory Compliance for Private Limited Company in india

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Mandatory Compliance for Private Limited Company in India

Every Private Limited Company, after its registration has to follow basic mandatory Annual compliance for private Limited as per the Companies Act, 2013. For various events, lot of Company Annual filing is required to be undertaken with Registrar of Companies. Some of the compliances are event based whereas other compliances are periodic. Team of Startup Setup will maintain your company law compliance hassle free at reasonable package. A team of expert secretarial will maintain fulfill compliance part. Companies annual return consist legal documents that include profit and loss statement, balance sheet, independent auditor report , details of share holding , directors of company. Failure in doing regular ROC Annual Compliances result in late filing fees of Rs. 100 per day. Which also make directors disqualified and removal of company name form ROC MCA Site. Our legal team helps in maintain and doing legal compliances with use of ease of technology and export services. Get your ROC Compliances for Private Limited with us.

Following Are Type of Legal Compliance's for STPI Units

  • Statutory Reports for STP Units
  • Statutory Compliances for STP Units
  • Day to Day Compliances
  • Approvals From STP Authorities for various activities

Benefits of ROC Annual Filing

Legal Compliances

Doing Annual Filing for Private Limited company is legal compliance. Failing in ROC filing for Private Limited Company may result in making liable for late fees , make company defunct or remove Company name from ROC. Majorly directors may also become disqualified for non compliance.

Attract Investors

Major of investors before investing in company ensure that companies legal compliances are done in place or not. With ROC filing investor can see financial statements of private limited. Investors gives interest in company with regular annual filing compliances.

Increase Creditability

MCA site shows date of latest annual returns filed for private limited company. Company's which have timely annual filing compliances tends to have more creditability for directors, share holders. Also companies who apply for tenders this legal creditability is important.

Event Based Compliances

  • Change in Name of Company
  • Increase in capital of Company
  • Change in Objective of Company
  • Meeting of Company
  • Appointment of Director
  • Giving Loan to Director
  • Giving Loan to Other Companies
  • Change in Auditor
  • Change in signatory of bank account
  • Allotment of new shares or transfer

Documents required for ROC Annual Filing


  • PAN
  • COI
  • AOA
  • MOA of Private Limited


  • Financial Statements Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement in Schedule VI


  • Independent auditor's report by Chartered Accountant


  • One of Directors Digital Signature token

What We Offer

Personal Consulting

Drafting of Notice

Board Report Preparation

Annual Filing of ROC

CS Certification

Process of Annual filing of company


Day 1

Send us documents of financial statement , Audit report & DSC of director


Day 2-4

Drafting legal documents , supporting documents by Company Secretory


Day 5

Review and Filing of AOC 4 MGT 4 & Certification

FAQ On ROC Or Company Law Compliances

All the Companies incorporated are mandatory required to file various forms, returns and documents with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in an electronic mode within the prescribed time along with the prescribed fees.

If a company fails to file Annual Return with Registrar of companies within the specified time, then the company shall be liable to pay penalty till filing of Annual return.

The Directors of the Company must sign the Annual return of the Company. The Balance Sheet, P&L Account that is filed along with annual return must be audited and signed by Practicing Chartered Accountant.

Private Limited shall filed Form ADT-1 for appointment or replacement of Statutory Auditor.

• Company having Authorized Capital of Rs. 1 lac is Rs. 300 AOC-4 and MGT-7 • Company having Authorized Capital of Rs 5 Lac or more is Rs. 400 for each Form

Yes. Director need to submit directors report. Form MGT 7 to be used.

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