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Change Director in Company

Directors are key persons who manages the company. They are management of company who looks after operations and administration. The Change in Director of Company happened due to resignation of director or appointment of director. Appointment or removal of directors is done through shareholder of company. Minimum two director are required under Private Limited company and Three under Public Limited Company. Companies Act does not required any mandatory educational capabilities to appoint or remove director. Article recommends procedure for change Director of company.Only Individual can be appointed as director in company , Company must have one resident director. We can help in necessary legal filing to add or remove a director from company.

Basis pre requirement to add a Director is Digital Signature. Once Digital signature is done, legal filing can be done to MCA for issuing Director Identification Number for Proposed director. With DIN number Proposed director can be added in company with consent of shareholders. Before removal of director from company its important to note that company have minimum two directors.

Key Points Change in Director

  • Individual Person Can be appointed as Director
  • Every Director must have Valid Director Identification Number DIN
  • The Director must have minimum age 18 years
  • Inform ROC within 30 days for change in director

Highlights in Changing Directors

Minimum Age

A Person at least of 18 years Old can be appointed as director in Company. In other words minor is not allowed to become directors. Same applied to Foreign directors.

Director Identification Number

Prerequisite requirement to add director is Director identification number. This DIN number is Unique is allotted by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Board of Director

A Private Limited need to have minimum two and maximum fifteen directors. The proposed director can be other than shared holder.

Types of Directors

Resident Director

Company Need to have one director who stayed in India for total period of not less than 182 days in Previous calendar year.

Resident Director

Company Need to have one director who stayed in India for total period of not less than 182 days in Previous calendar year.

Independent Director

An Independent director is an alternate director other than a Managing Director which is known as Whole Time Director Or Nominee Director

Additional Director

Any Individual can be appointed as Additional Directors by a company under section 161(1) of the New Act. Appointed person will be Additional Director

Shadow Director

person, who is not appointed to the Board, but on whose directions the Board is accustomed to act, is liable as a Director of the company, unless giving advice in professional capacity.

Women Director

As per Section 149 (1) (a), there are certain categories according to which there should be at least one woman as a director on the Board.

Documents required for Appointment of Director

  • 1. PAN
  • 2. Address Proof & ID Proof
  • 3. Passport Size Photo
  • 4. Digital Signature

What We Offer

Drafting of legal documents

Prepration of Application

Filing of Form Director Change

Update MCA Master Data

Procedure for Change Director


Apply DSC & DIN of New Partner

For incoming new director We apply for DSC & Director Identification number. Before adding director in Company DIN & DSC is required.


Drafting Resolutions

We will draft necessary resolutions and documents for appointment of director. We will send documents for signing


Online Filing

Our expert will file DIR 11/12 for intimating changes of Director to Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This required certification from CA / CS. We will share Sharing master data from MCA.

FAQ of Change in Director

Yes. A director can voluntarily resign from company. Director must serve notice to company about resignation. Also Legal filing at MCA need to be carried by Resigning Director.

No. Once DIN allotted its permanent. Same DIN can be used for next appointment.

Company Need to pass ordinary resolution in General Meeting or Extraordinary General meeting. Prepare necessary documents for removal of director. Company to do Filing at ROC through practicing professionals at Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Add Director in company by passing Ordinary resolution in annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting. New director need to apply for DSC and DIN. And Make necessary filing at Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

No. There is no such requirement that director need to among Share holder. Person not having any shared of company can be appointed as director.

Share transfer is different from change in director of company. SH 4 Form need to be executed for share transfer.

No. Legal procedure followed by us for change in Director is standard. There is no need to visit any office. Share document with us over mail and we will get it done.

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