IT/ITES Subsidy

  • Subsidy For ITES Units
  • Applicable For New & Existing Units
  • Save Substantial Amount by Subsidy

IT /ITES Subsidy

Haryana government introduced industrial policy for taking forward IT companies in Haryana. Major motto of Policy was to retain leadership in sector of IT/ ITES in India. For promoting IT / ITES Companies government started providing subsidy benefit to companies. IT companies have major cost component is Electivity. Companies have huge usage due to Laptops, Servers, UPS etc. Government provided subsidy where cost of electricity bill goes down by appx. 40 to 50% each month.

For Example : – ABC Ltd having business operation as BPO. Companies monthly electricity units consumption is appx. 7000 units. Company pays electricity bill per month appx Rs. 92000/-. After IT /ITES Subsidy company can reduce electricity bill by Rs. 26000/- Appx Per month. Annual saving of Rs. 3.12 Lac.

Which Software IT /ITES Companies Eligible for Subsidy

Haryana's Information Technology/InformationTechnology Enabled Services Policy (IT / ITES) -2015 lays down companies eligible for subsidy benefit. In policy government defined which companies include as Information Technology industry. Following IT Software , IT Hardware & IT Enabled Services (ITES) will be eligible for benefit Subsidy.

  • IT Software
  • IT Hardware
  • IT Enabled Services ( ITES )
  • Back-office Operations;
  • Call Centres or Contact Centre Services;
  • Content Development or Animation;
  • Data Processing or data mining
  • Engineering and Design;
  • Geographic Information System Services;
  • Human Resource Services;
  • Insurance Claim Processing

Eligibility for Software IT /ITES Subsidy

Benefit of Software IT /ITES Companies Subsidy is not applicable to every company. Policy lays down conditions for applying IT / ITES subsidy. Major eligblity factor is company must have working location in Haryana. Further Eligiblity Cirteria as below

  • Company ( Unit ) having operation office in Haryana
  • Company business falls under IT Software/ IT Hardware/ ITES Units
  • STPI / NON STPI Certificate if any
  • Company ( Unit ) having operation in commercial premises( owned Property / leased )

IT/ITES policy – 2015 objectives as below :

  • To retain Haryana's leadership position in IT/ITES Sector.
  • To further accelerate investment flow to industrially underdeveloped regions of the state.
  • To create more employment opportunities for educated youths of all sections of the society across all regions.
  • Achieving higher level of export turnover resulting in enhanced productivity and augmentation of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP).
  • Leveraging information technology as a tool for the socio-economical development of the state.
  • To promote Intellectual Property creation along with original content creation for new product and unique services offering for B to B & B to C

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As Vals & Co. is having business operation in Haryana and companies operation fall under definition of IT / ITES hence eligible for subsidy.

Vals & Co. operation fall under definition of IT / ITES hence eligible for subsidy irrespective of office premises is owned or rented/ leased.

Change of tariff of Electricity may benefit saving of around 40-50%.

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