Outsourced Payroll Processing Services

  • We design salary structure for max tax benefits
  • Advise on Record maintained for payroll
  • We generate & share employees salary slips

Outsourced Payroll Processing Services

Maintaining various Payroll Compliance's for under labour law is responsibility of employer such as leave calculation, tax deductions, payment of PF , PT , ESCI for each month. Payroll Compliance's is a time consuming and complicated process. Hence it become essential from first employee that company start maintain all related records and maintain compliance's of all government department. We provide outsourced payroll processing services for small and midsize companies in meeting all compliance in due time line, provision updates and application of same , tax calculation and payment help.

What We Offer

Personal Consulting

Salary working

Salary Slips Generation



Salary normally includes wages, annuity, pension, gratuity, commission, perquisites, etc. and any other payment received by an employee from the employer during the year.

Allowances are fixed sums of money paid regularly in addition to salary for the purpose of meeting some particular requirement. There are 3 types of allowances –

  • Taxable allowances
  • Partially-exempted allowances
  • Fully-exempted allowances

Perquisites are emoluments or benefits received from an employer, in addition to salary, bonus, allowances, gratuity, etc. They include rent-free accommodation, free electricity, gas, Etc

Permanent Account Number is a unique identification number by which the Assessing Officer of the Income Tax Department can identify any assessee.

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