OSP/DOT License Registration (All Over India Service)

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  • License Valid for 20 years

OSP/DOT License Registration (For Call Centers)

As per the Terms and Conditions formulated by the Telecom Commission in February 2000, OSP's can take telecom resources from authorized Telecom Service Providers only and should not provide switched telephony. OSP/DOT license is required by companies planning to start a call center, BPO or KPO. The primary condition for taking application of OSP is applicant should be LLP or Company.

The OSP registration for BPO procedure in India is given by Department of Telecommunication. Now Online OSP registration For LLP, Private Limited can be completed within 15-25 business days. VALS & CO. employs qualified company secretaries and chartered accountants, who ensure highest customer satisfaction and timely delivery of service. Our procedure of OSP registration is complete online well managed with communications. We provide OSP Registration services in Gurgaon, Rohtak, Delhi NCR


Highlights - OSP/DOT License Registration (For Call Centers)

OSP is nothing but the abbreviated form of ‘Other Service Provider'. Company providing services such as e tele-banking, tele-medicine, tele-education, tele-trading, e-commerce, call center, network operation center and other IT Enabled Services, by using Telecom Resources provided comes under OSP.


As per the New Telecom Policy (NTP) 1999, service providers in India involved. Service providers in India involved in providing services like tele-banking, tele-medicine, tele-education, tele-trading, e-commerce, call center, network operation center and other IT Enabled Services, using telecom resources are required to obtain OSP Registration.

  • All domestic BPOs and KPOs
  • All international BPOs and KPOs located in India
  • All telemarketers

Other Service Provider (OSP) Important Points

  • Private / Public Company , LLP Only can apply
  • Digital Signature (DSC) is mandatory for registration
  • Take Internet services from Authorized Service Provider
  • Take VOIP services from Authorized Service Provider
  • Amend Registration on changes in business
  • File OSP Annual Return at end of Financial Year

OSP License Terms And Conditions

  • Registration is granted to any Private Comapny / Public Company / Management Regulations and registered under Part XI (Section 591 to 608) of the Companies Act, 1956 for setting up a place of business in India.
  • Registration is granted to any Limited Liability Partnership(LLP)registered under Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008.
  • OSPs will not infringe on the jurisdiction of other Authorised Telecom Service Providers and shall not provide switched telephony.
  • The OSP shall take the Telecom Resources from an Authorised Telecom Service Provider only.
  • The resources could be based on the technologies like IPLC/MPLS/ATM/FR etc. as authorised to the authorised telecom service provider having valid licence under Indian Telegraph Act, 1885.
  • Interconnectivity of the International OSP with Domestic OSP is not permitted

Key Points of OSP DOT Registration

It's quick and easy

It's now very easy to make application of OSP and start your tele calling business.

20 Years Validity

Once a OSP Registration is approved, the license is valid for a period of 20 years – unless otherwise expressly mentioned.

Filling of Return

OSP Registration holder is require to annual return as like in case of Income Tax with DOT.

Call Centers

Service providers in India involved in providing services like tele-banking, tele-medicine, teleeducation, tele-trading, e-commerce, call centre shall take OPS registration.

Amend Registration

OPS registration need to be amended in case of changes in business, directors, business address. Updated Network diagram alos need to be submited


Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is requried for making application of OSP DOT License Registration. Vality of DSC is generally 2 years.

Check List of Documents for OSP/DOT License Registration

Company documents PAN , AOA MOA , COI

Copy of the rent agreement if any

Board Resolution

List of Directors and KYC

Nature of business activity

Network Diagram


Bill of Service Provider

Other documents

What We Offer - OSP Registration

Legal Drafting of OSP Registration

Advise on Network Diagram

Filing to OSP DOT Department

OSP Registration Certificate

Advise on Annual Return Filing

OSP/DOT Registration Process


Application Preparation

VALS & CO. OSP Expert will prepare your Factory Act Application along with the necessary supporting documents that needs to be submitted for OSP Registration


Application Processing

Once the application is prepared and submitted, the concerned OSP Registration Office will process the application and may request for more information or documents.


OSP Registration

While processing the application, VALS & CO. OSP Registration Expert will help you respond to any query or request for document (if required) and obtain OSP Registration.

FAQ - Other Service Provider

No. Transfer of OSP registration from one Private Limited Company to another is prohibited by the DOT.

Yes, after receiving registration for one location, the OSP can apply for another location providing the OSP license of the obtained location and a copy of incorporation by ROC

OSP License is valid for 20 years from the date of issue which can be extended up to 10 years each time it is renewed.

After the completion of the Financial Year, the Annual Return is to be submitted within 6 months. The annual return must indicate the details of the activities of the previous financial year and the status of their continuing the OSP operation.

‘OSP Centre' means the infrastructure at a location in India used by the OSP for providing the Application Services.

Business registered under any of below Act 1. Private Limited Company 2. Public Limited Company 3. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) 4. Foreign Exchange Management Regulations and registered under Part XI (Section 591 to 608)

‘International OSP' means the OSP providing the Application Services beyond national boundaries.

No. Our procedure for OSP DOT License registration is 100 % online. You need to send us documents over mail . Our export will make application on behalf of your company.

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