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Sole Proprietorship Registration

Sole Proprietorship means any business which is carried out by a single person. In simple words a Sole Proprietorship is a business that is owned, managed and controlled by one person. It is the most oldest, universal and elementary way to set up a business. The major difference between a sole proprietorship registration and a Limited Liability Partnership or a Corporation is that the business owner cannot be separated from their business. We can help you establish an identity for in Proprietorship Firm Registration.

Start Sole Proprietorship in India is made more easy by Government of India. Earlier process of Sole Proprietorship registration has been modified. Now the new process is much simpler and with fast tack mode. Business owner need to chose a business name apply for Shop Act Registration. Experts at VALS in have helped number of entrepreneurs legal documentation to start Sole Proprietorship Company Registration. In All major cities of India , Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune , Chennai and more. Our services are reliable and quick.


Legal Compliances for sole proprietorship firm

  • Income Tax Return:Business owner at end of financial year need to prepare it financial statements such as Profit and loss statement and Balance sheet. And apply for filing income tax return.
  • GST Returns: If business owner who applied for GST registration then , need to file GST Returns on month or quarterly basis.

Advantages Of Proprietorship Registration

It's quick and easy to get started

It's now very easy to start up a proprietorship business. In fact you can get a proprietorship firm register within few days. We will help you to Register the name of your business with the Secretary of State or the Department of Corporations in your jurisdiction.

Minimum compliances

Proprietorship business have little compliance burden as compared to Private Limited Companies,hence owner can more focus on other functional and core areas

The Only Owner

You, being only the sole owner is helpful in quick decision-making, controlling and managing the business without following any elongated processes and methodologies as required. The sense of belonging inspires to grow the business further.

Relatively less Expensive

A Sole Proprietorship is less expensive as compared to a One Person Company (OPC), Private Limited Company, Public Companies, and also due to the minimum compliance requirements, it is inexpensive even over the long-term.

Better control

In Sole Proprietorship business the proprietor has full control over each and every activity of the business. Since the proprietor has all authority with him, it is possible to exercise better control over business.

Minimum Requirements

Only one person is required to start a proprietary business. There is no need to perform and submit an audit annually unless turnover crosses specified limit or like a Private Limited or Limited Liability Partnership the proprietary firm is not required to filling at Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

To register your Proprietorship firm...

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List of Documents for Proprietorship Registration

Photo, Address Proof and Other Documents

Latest Passport Size Photograph

Aadhar Card

PAN Card

Light bill of Office Address (Residential address can be used)

Photo of Premises

List of Documents for Proprietorship Registration

Shop Act Registration

MSME Registration

TAN Registration

Premium Agreements

Process Flow

Verification of documents
Filing of Application of Proprietorship Registration
Get Approval for Shop Act Registration
Issue Shop Act License
Advise on Compliances to be Maintained

FAQ- Sole Proprietorship Registration

Only one person is required to start a Proprietorship and a Proprietorship can have only one owner.

No. There is no legal provision to deposit certain amount in bank accouant.

  • PAN Card of Person
  • Identity and address proof (Adhar Card , / Voter ID / Passport / License ) any one
  • Light Bill / Rent agreement / index II of Office

Proprietorship Registration firms do not have a Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration as issued in case of company or LLP. Proprietary firm have registration certificate issued by government authority.

No. You will fine single ITR which will show income and loss details of owner plus business

No. Under proprietorship firm concent of issuing of share certificate , debentures is not available.

You will need PAN , address proof , MSME / Shop Act certificate , Business address proof etc. for opening current accounat.

Yes . You can convert business. However the process is bit complicate and time consuming. Hence most of startups prefers to oepn a LLP or Private Limited.

Yes Most of start-ups uses residential address for firm registration.

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Limited Liability Protection
Tax Advantages
Perpetual Existence
Statutory Compliances
Persons Required

Private Limited Company

Start-ups and growing companies
Very easy to accommodate investment & bank Loan
Few benefits
Minimum 2

Limited Liability Partnership

Professional services firms
Possible, but unlikely
Few benefits
Minimum 2

One Person Company

want be One Owner
Possible, but severely unlikely
Few benefits
Max 1


Regular Business
Possible to take loan from bank
Minimum 2

Sole Proprietorship

Small & Midsize business
Max 1

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